We are residents of West and South Oxford with a vision for improved flood alleviation that is effective, considers cost, and the impact on our beautiful local environment. We have a plan that takes the best parts of the Environment Agency’s proposals, and makes improvements to the most environmentally destructive parts. We can, and must, alleviate prevent floods, while also preserving the beauty and ecology of this area.

  • 133 acres

    This expensive scheme will ruin 133 acres of Greenbelt

  • 4000 Trees

    Up to 4000 trees removed, a fact hidden by the reference in the proposal

  • 40,000 trucks

    500,000 tons of sand and gravel at 25 tons per journey along the single track entry point

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“That the Secretary of State for the Environment require the Environment Agency to carry out a pilot scheme to dredge the watercourses in West Oxford before giving any permission for the overengineered Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme”

We are a group of concerned locals seeking information and research to combat the flooding issues. We are not Government funded and some professional input that we seek needs paying for. If you support the cause please also consider a donation using the Donate feature on this site.

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