On May 6, trees were pollarded on the bank of the Bulstake stream where it flows by the New Botley Recreation Ground which borders on Ferry Hinksey Road. These logs in picture 1 were photographed in the Bulstake stream, taken from the bridge over the stream on Willow Walk.

Pollarded trees in Bulstake stream
Pollarded trees taken from Willow walk bridge

On August 13 logs were seen further down the Bulstake stream, just before the bridge crossing it on Monk’s Causeway ( leading from the Fishes to Ferry Hinksey Road). Floating branches in the Bulstake stream are being caught and causing obstruction and eddy currents Picture 2.

Logs in Bulstake stream
Logs in Bulstake stream August 13

Behind the Fishes pub in North Hinksey Village, the Seacourt stream is virtually at a standstill, blocked as shown in picture 3.


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