"In light of recent events, the green spaces around Oxford have become increasingly important and valuable to the community. It has come to my attention that to decrease the risk of flooding, the Environment Agency proposes to dig a huge channel through the middle of Oxford’s green belt destroying much of the natural habitat and leisure space.

The 200m wide channel will severely compromise these fields, Willow Walk and much else besides.

Oxford needs flood protection, and at first glance this scheme seems necessary, however I discovered that the channel is experimental, and has not been proven to be effective or even necessary.

An alternative pumped pipeline would provide even better protection against flooding, whilst generating negligible environmental impact.

As an active user of this natural unspoilt paradise I strongly urge other members of the public to take a stand and object to the proposed channel, I feel that we cannot afford to lose the green belt we rely on so heavily."

Gemma Chalk (15)

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