Oxford Objects to the Flood Channel
Two hundred and thirty-two comments on the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme Oxford application have been received by the planning authority. Two hundred and twelve (91%) explicitly reject the proposals in their current form, specifically its flood channel component.

Two thirds of respondents objected to the proposed damage to Hinksey Meadow MG4a grassland and the loss of biodiversity.
More than half objected to the loss of access and amenity, wanted alternatives to be properly evaluated and viewed the current scheme as a waste of taxpayers' money.
Over one third objected to the traffic congestion it would cause, the felling of thousands of mature trees, the scheme’s carbon footprint and its impact on climate change.
Just under one third objected on the grounds of the scheme’s inadequate flood protection and hydrology.
Around one quarter objected to contravention of the National Planning Policy Framework or local planning guidelines, the unacceptable pollution, the lack of a budget for long term maintenance and the damage to Willow Walk.
Other common reasons for objection were inadequate public consultation (20%), the removal of spoil and gravel (17%), development on Green Belt (16%) and the disproportionate costs borne by many to benefit a few (14%).
Eleven percent of respondents regarded the decision as nationally important for consideration by a higher authority or public enquiry. Eight percent of comments came from residents at significant flood risk, while five percent came from community groups or other organizations. Six percent had difficulties registering comments on the planning portal website.

In consideration of the multiple and apparently fatal flaws in the channel component of the scheme, it is time to ask why Oxford City Council remains a partner and why it continues to support such a massively unpopular project?

A complete annotated copy of all the responses to the OFAS planning application is on the HOEG websie and the original is available on the OCC planning website.
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